TSA: Call or Fold

Welcome back to the final table of the Washington Series of Power where it’s heads-up between TSA and Fliers.

For those of you who’ve just joined us, TSA has made a huge pre-flop raise with virtual strip search x-rays or invasive pat downs. TSA’s raise was not unexpected since Fliers has previously folded twice in the face of such  raises

The first Flier fold came in the “3 ounce” hand but the blinds were low.  Fliers folded again a few rounds later in the “random search” hand.  We noticed that Fliers seemed to think about calling then.

So TSA’s big push this hand is consistent with previous play. But much to TSA’s chagrin, Fliers has reversed the pressure on TSA by going “all-in.”

Since Fliers is a tight player, coming over the top of TSA with an “all in” suggests Fliers has a strong hand. I’m thinking A-K suited at least; possibly Jacks or Queens.

Will TSA fold or call?  TSA is a tough position. If he calls and loses, then he’s lost a chunk of chips and Fliers will have the psychological edge. If TSA folds, he can expect Fliers to look him up more often.

Don’t go away…this may be a game-changing deciding hand!


One response to “TSA: Call or Fold

  1. Update:

    it appears the TSA is now folding its hand against the pilots over X-rays because they have already been screened, etc. But remember that Army captain who shot up a base? Similarly if pilots are no longer X-rayed, what’s to prevent a pilot who “converts” to jihad from bringing a bomb on the plane? It’s not just a few fanatical Muslims anymore, the gooberment has done a great job pissing off lots of folks.

    And, it’s widely know that those X-rays cannot detect explosives in body cavities. As Rep. Mica (Fla-Rep) asked, what’s next – proctological and gynocological exams for all? Given the “logic” of TSA, which is always looking backwards, but never forwards, the answer will be yes. If not, why bother doing ANY screening at all if you cannot DEFINITIVELY stop ALL threats?

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