Thousands Came to My Birthday Party

Thursday is my birthday.  I’m not usually one for parties but…

For the last five years, the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee has sponsored an Asian Festival which coincides with the week of my birthday.  This festival, which attracts thousands, is effectively my birthday party and it was held yesterday.

The Big Bend Filipino-American Association performs a variety of dances and provides some of my favorite foods.  This year I enjoyed chicken adobo, chicken sautéed in a blend of soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic. Try it yourself, using this recipe. (You can also substitute pork chunks for the chicken.) There was also my favorite Philippine dessert: coconut milk-sweetened sticky rice topped with brown sugar – biko.

The BBFAA performed the “Tinikling”, a traditional folk dance where a misstep could result in a broken ankle from being hit by bamboo poles they step between.  View a performance by the professional Leyte Dance Group.

Many other Asian groups were there with their dances and food, including Thai, Indian, and Chinese.  I usually always buy a glass of mango lassi from the Indian booth.

But the highlight, as always, was the Japanese Taiko drum group Matzuriza, which formed in Orlando and performs at Epcot’s Japanese pavilion.  Surprisingly, many of the drummers, which requires a  lot of endurance, are women.  Check out one of their performances.

What a birthday party!


2 responses to “Thousands Came to My Birthday Party

  1. Happy Birthday! What a celebration! The food sounds fabulous (although if I’m not mistaken, you’re actually suggesting I COOK something for myself? I suppose I could give it a shot. But I’ll blame YOU if it turns out badly!)

    The sticky rice dessert sounds REALLY good! I clicked the link but couldn’t get it to open. Was that a recipe? Because that one, I might seriously try.

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