The Fact Is…Facts Don’t Matter Much

I’ve previously posted about how I’m not impressed with “facts.”  While facts may be useful for the more mundane aspects of life (which cereal to buy based on cost per gram of protein) they are useless in the really important aspects of life.

The important beliefs of our lives stem from values, which are not debatable since they are not based on facts.  Therefore, the “small government” versus “big government” issue, for example, is not susceptible to resolution based on “facts.” Your position on this issue, as with all important issues, is entirely based on your values (which often are based on the “facts” of your life experiences).

Even if you do not accept my thinking about the relative unimportance of facts compared to undebatable values, there is another reason why “facts” may be irrelevant.  I have long believed that we often pick and choose those facts which support our values and ignore facts that do not.

Now, there appears to be research which suggests that is true. That when someone is presented facts which would undermine their opinion or belief  those facts will just not be accepted.  Check this out.

I think we all have encountered folks who have refused to change their position despite facts to the contrary.  (The Flat Earth Society is still active!) I find it interesting that how you view yourself may influence whether you are willing to change your position on the basis of previously unknown facts.

But I’m not interested in the facts that many folks bandy about on some blogs about the “important” issues. I understand many folks like the intellectual back and forth.  I tired of that sport sometime after college. Y’all have fun with facts because I’ll not be a party pooper. I just won’t come to the “facts” party at all.  I’m at a completely different party…


5 responses to “The Fact Is…Facts Don’t Matter Much

  1. I loved this post, particularly the news clip. I am of course never guilty of any of that 🙂 BTW, I’ll take a medium-sized government with the right (i.e. “my”) priorities, and a large fry. You’ve inspired me…stay tuned!

  2. > I loved this post,

    Is that fact? 😉

    > You’ve inspired me…stay tuned!


  3. It was a “fact” yesterday…lol, completely proving your point 🙂 All my facts are subject to change without notice, kind of like the terms of your credit card agreement.
    I am inspired, but haven’t gotten around to getting my thoughts together. I’m all distracted by politics at the moment and a few other things as well.

  4. I make it a strict policy not to write anything that must be backed up by facts. I am all about the fluff. There’s so much less controversy with fluff!

  5. The thing is, as long as politicians of both ilks have us debating one another, no one is really paying attention to them.

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