Justice for Natalee & Stephany; Just this for Joran…

When Natalee Holloway’s disappearance was receiving lots of media attention a few years ago, I felt it was yet another miscarriage of justice that Joran van der Sloot appeared to be evading justice.  Even if he hadn’t killed Natalee, concealing her body is a crime.  And extorting her family for information about their daughter’s fate is also a crime.  Then, he appeared to evade justice once again by leaving the U.S. before he could be arrested for extortion.

As it turns out, Joran’s case is an unusual situation where justice delayed is not justice denied.  I can’t imagine a more perfect justice for Joran than for him to spend years in a Third World prison, especially if he’s given no special treatment such as segregation from the general population.

Assuming he’s placed with the general prison population, his life will be brutal and probably short. I have no problem with “brutal” but hope he suffers for years rather than be killed fairly early in his sentence by another prisoner.  A quick death is too humane for Joran.

An ABC news report about the prison Joran is in noted that half the prisoners have HIV / AIDS. How may times a day do you think a young, white person like Joran will be bent over by HIV-infected prisoners who still have their strength? Not enough times for my liking….

Just this for Joran…may it last for many, many years.

Check out this CNN video of prison life.


2 responses to “Justice for Natalee & Stephany; Just this for Joran…

  1. There’s nothing redeeming about that guy. I’d bet the farm on there being more young women that we don’t know of yet

  2. It’s beyond my comprehension how someone becomes the person he is.

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