Don’t Dis My Coffee…

…and I won’t dis whatever indulgence you’re wasting your money on, because I’m sure I can find something that qualifies.

Longtime readers may recall that one of my earliest posts was about my infatuation with coffee.  Now, a coffee “brew-haha” has me all “steamed up” – even frothing” 😉 –  over indelicate comments posted to a CNN article about gourmet coffee.

The article mentioned a coffeehouse charging $13 for a cup of exotic coffee.  Following the article were numerous reader comments denigrating anyone who would pay $13 for a cup of coffee.  My, my…their coffee indignity cup runneth over.

Now I certainly wouldn’t pay $13 for a cup of coffee either.  But not for the reasons the commenters present.  They dismiss the gourmet coffee crowd as financial fools and/or superficial status seekers for paying more than $1 a cup.

Heck, I’m reluctant to pay even $1 for a cup of coffee unless I’m out town and can’t brew my own.  Because, from a financial perspective, even $1 coffee isn’t a value.  What are you likely getting for that $1?  In my view, it’s not coffee but coffee-flavored water.  It’s the equivalent of buying a bottle of Ripple and thinking it’s “wine.”  Technically, it is…but only technically.

There’s only one reason to buy Ripple.  You want to get drunk…cheaply.  That’s also why anyone buys $1 coffee.  They want cheap caffeine.  (A Mountain Dew might do the same job for less money.)

If you’re a wine lover, you’re drinking for flavor not alcohol.  Similarly, if you’re a coffee lover, you’re also drinking for flavor not caffeine.  If your interest is only in the drug, whether alcohol or caffeine, then of course you want the cheapest delivery system.

But since my interest is in flavor, there’s no way I’m drinking that $1 coffee-flavored water.  Because even if it had flavor, it has little value from a price perspective.  After just seven cups, I’d have paid the equivalent of the price for a pound of “real” coffee, say Guatemalan Antigua. And that would yield me more than 7 cups of coffee.  Price per cup?  Less than 15 cents.

So that’s why I don’t buy the idea that $1 coffee is the way to go.  (I invite all those financial wizards pushing $1 coffee at CNN to attend my seminar on buying into the Bernie Madoff fund or maybe Enron.)

My reply to those commenters sniffing that paying for a cup of Starbucks is financial foolishness is this: don’t throw stones, because you live in a glass house.  Do you wear a “name brand” polo, such as Nautica or Izod? You can buy a polo for less at Wal-mart.  Do you own a Camaro or similar “performance” car?  You could have provided for your transportation needs with a much more economical model.

Few folks make one dimensional buying decisions.  Clothes are not just about protecting us from the elements.  A car is not just about transporting us between two places. Every one of us is paying more than we have to for something and we’re doing it for a reason that has nothing to do with that item’s fundamental purpose.

So don’t dis my coffee choice and I won’t dis your name brand polo shirt, Camaro or whatever it is you’re indulging yourself in that makes no economic sense.

Peace, prosperity and passion for coffee!  (And consider moving up to real coffee at less than 15 cents a cup when you brew at home.)

P.S.  I correctly answered 9 out of 10 coffee questions at the CNN link, although the “French author” question was a lucky guess.  I missed the “frappe” question because I don’t like those “fancy” coffee concoctions.


14 responses to “Don’t Dis My Coffee…

  1. I like the taste of coffee too, but nevertheless, I really use it only as a drug. I never drink it except in the morning when I first wake up.
    And no fair dissing two things that are near and dear to my heart: Camaros and Ripple 🙂

  2. Why are you hating on Ripple? If it’s good enough for Fred G. Sanford, then it’s good enough for me.

  3. I only used Camaro because I couldn’t think of another “performance” car. As for Ripple, didn’t we all drink it once? I think I!

  4. Did ya notice the Gator comment on the article, in true Gator redneck fashion? He would rather have a rc cola and a moon pie no doubt to complement his bibbed jorts.

    Good coffee beans make all the difference in coffee. There is a store in St Petersburg that has fresh roasted coffee beans from several exotic locals that makes the best coffee I have tasted.

    Iti is a fun store too, great deli, bakery, and Italian cooking sundries.

    My day to day coffee is Gevalia which we have shipped to our house.

  5. People feel pretty free to dismiss other people’s pleasures. Your joy is good money poorly spent, mine is an investment in my happiness.

    Never touched Ripple, but may have to now, in memory of Fred G. Sanford. Now Boone’s Farm was another story…

  6. “Prices are better than Gevalia.”

    Thanks for that web page I know right where it is and the prices are indeed better than Gevalia. I will run by there sometime this week. It’s in Drew Park very near TIA which is only 15 minutes from my house. I don’t know how I missed this place all these years, but I never heard of it. I spent a lot of time with the businesses in Drew Park which is an old industrial park that had quite a variety of interesting manufacturing and processing operations that couldn’t get permitted in the newer parks today. The first wave of development came in 1949, after WW II, earning the businesses the nic of “49ers.”

    Anyway thanks:)

  7. I thought your friend was sort of making a reference to the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. In other words, it’s easy to “dis” what other people value, whereas we ourselves, in our infinite wisdom always know what’s best! (Irony, in other words.)

  8. I like coffee for it’s flavor and I like the fancy concoctions. I consider it an occasional treat so I’ll willingly pay around $5 for my favorite cup of “coffee.”

    Everyone has their sacrifices and everyone has their indulgences.

  9. I love coffee and enjoy sampling the range of different kinds and prices. But $13 is far too steep for me! You can find some just as excellent coffee maybe for not as little as $1, but still less than $13. 🙂

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