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This week’s post was supposed to be on another topic, but I decided to postpone it to next week.  Why?  Because last week, another WordPress blogger who I read regularly (and know personally) was….assailed…by two different readers over comments she made on a post she wrote about global warming.

Now, I suspect both of the two qualify as “conservative” although I can’t say either of them has actually said so.  I do not read their blogs, but their comments certainly suggested they are conservatives.

I’ve always thought conservatives were “manly men” types. At least, many of them seem to like to posture that way.  So I really was surprised to read their comments, because both of them included language typically attributed by conservatives to “thin-skinned, wussy liberals.”

That’s right… they came across to me as whiny “victims” who felt insulted, hurt, etc.  How dare my friend make such “insensitive” remarks on her blog! Call the U.N. Commission for the Investigation of Hurt Feelings and Insensitivity!

One of them even asked for an apology, which seems to have become de rigueur in the conservative playbook.  What arrogance!

This same person  made an asinine observation on this blog about a commenter’s website, noting that an innocuous phrase she used is also on a Jihad website. What was her sin? She agreed with me on the topic and he did not like that.

I deleted that ad hominem comment. Then he whined about my deleting it, insisting that it was not ad hominem. So I ended his ability to post any more comments here.

My position is very simple: this is MY blog.   I post a variety of opinions here.  I don’t recall asking anyone to agree with those opinions nor do I care if anyone does. I am not so infatuated with myself to believe that even if I changed the mind of everyone who reads this blog that it will make a bit of difference in this world. It will not….

So why do I even bother? I like writing; it is a reminder of my college days when I was Editor of the student newspaper. If what I write plants a seed in someone’s mind, good. If not, so what?

But since this is MY blog, I have all the rights. I answer to no reader.  Readers have no rights here; only privileges.

No reader has the “right” to challenge me to “prove” anything I present on this blog. To provide “evidence” from “credible” sources.  To suggest that I shouldn’t say this or that because it is “hurtful” or whatever.  That is a form of control and I accept no form of control. (Rejecting all forms of external control is what being an anarchist is all about!)

If you disagree with me, you may submit your own succinct view, backed up by whatever “proof” you want from “credible” sources if you think anyone gives a damn about that because I sure don’t.  If it were that easy to “prove” any view, there would be little disagreement on anything, but since there is very little agreement on anything, “proof” is a mirage.

I may, or may not, allow a comment to be displayed.  Or, I may edit it if I think portions of it are unacceptable for any reason(s) that I don’t have to explain.

Because there are NO “free speech” rights on private property and this blog is private property.  I always thought that conservatives worshipped private property rights but these two seem to think they can abridge those rights.  That it is their obligation to demand an apology from those they believe are behaving inappropriately.

Don’t like my thinking?  Everyone has the right not to read this blog.  And the right to pontificate all they like on their own blog. Because this blog is my forum and not anyone else’s.

This is my 86th post.  To date, I’ve banned only one person.  And other than that one person, I’ve never edited a comment either.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to indulge anyone who thinks they can behave as they like on my blog.

Because you are in my cyber house and I won’t put up with any behavior I don’t like. Otherwise, the offender will quickly learn that there is no recourse to whatever I decide to do, whether it is edit the comment, delete it, or ban the offender from ever commenting again.

Welcome to my dictatorship!


14 responses to “This Blog Is My Blog

  1. “Call the U.N. Commission for the Investigation of Hurt Feelings and Insensitivity!”

    You are hilarious. Must I now address you as Mr. Dictator?

  2. Eloquent sir, eloquent!

    You might enjoy reading Stanley Fish

    • Thank you PT!

      I wish all conservatives were like you, which I consider to be “old school Buckley” camp as opposed to “Limbaugh screamer” camp.

      You remind me of my college days friend Jon, President of the minuscule campus band of Young Republicans. Even though I was at the height of my left wing radicalism, Jon always had a seat at my table during meals and I thoroughly enjoyed going back and forth with him on worldly issues of the day.

      One Friday a month, we’d all go to the Brewmasters (on 66th Street North, I believe) to eat steak and drink all the beer we could handle, which was often enough to inspire Jon to get on their piano and play away as our group made a spectacle of ourselves attempting to sing.

      Just because we disagreed politically did not mean we could not be friends and respect each other’s integrity. I am afraid those days are very much gone with the wind. Especially in Congress.

      As for the Citizen’s United case, it should not surprise you that I agree with the majority. I am definitely on the side of “principle” as opposed to “consequences.”

      One of the reasons is that I do not see how one can say a specific consequence is “inevitable” as opposed to only “possible.” And if it is “possible” that “money” will corrupt the political process (assuming it has not already been corrupted by all the other money coming in from other sources), then why is it not also “possible” that despite all that money, folks will see through it?

      If we are always going to be afraid of the bad things that are “possible” then we are always going to be…afraid. Is there any endeavor where it is not “possible” that something bad will happen?

      There can be no progress if a condition for acting is that there are no “possible” negative consequences.

  3. Nicely done sir.

    I think that lack of civility and the demand that you support your opinions to their satisfaction or face derision and ridicule is a plague in this country.

    I too have only blocked one person. He was abusive on a friends blog, why would I let him on mine?

  4. “I wish all conservatives were like you, which I consider to be “old school Buckley”

    Definitely one of my thought shapers………I will answer to that::))

    Brewmasters……………I remember it well. Went often and enjoyed it too much.

  5. I very much appreciate your gallant gesture of maintaining my anonymity. In addition to being MEHP, you are also a gentleman 🙂 It’s been a week, and I am still baffled by how anyone could have taken my blog personally or taken offense to it. So I will post a link to it and let your readers decide:
    You also remind me of why I like men 🙂 As exasperating as I often find you, I can’t help but admire your “direct” approach. Which might also be called the “Bring it on” approach. Or more pointedly the, “If you don’t like it, F*** you” approach 🙂 I can’t be that way, so maybe that’s why I admire it. Break out the samarai swords lol.

    • > maintaining my anonymity

      While the incident precipitated the post, the issue is, I suspect, somewhat “universal” to blogging.

      > As exasperating as I often find you

      I doubt you are alone in your exasperation with me! 😉 But, I find it a small price to pay in the challenge to various orthodoxies. (Some of which I once supported!)

      > your “direct” approach

      And to think that in high school, I was a “wallflower” until about my senior year.

  6. And btw, your comment was my favorite. On the subject of lack of civility emanating from the left, you said, “That statement lacks historical merit.” I must remember to use that!

  7. Along with Error Code 421: Too many errors.

  8. Woot! Woot!

    You tell ’em!

  9. territerri, as I’ve said before, if a fight breaks out, I want to be the persom standing behind spencercourt 🙂

  10. I must clarify! I don’t mean that I find you personally exasperating 🙂 It’s men in general! You are far less exasperating than most!

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