You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for…

…no, not ice cream. That’s so 20th century.  In the 21st century it seems that the new “ice cream” is none other than…lychee.

Three months ago, I posted about how lychee was the top search engine term bringing readers to this blog.  Ever since I mentioned it in a post about my favorite foods while growing up in the Philippines, I’ve received a tsunami of readers wanting information about lychee.

At first, I thought it was a temporary fad related to cooking.  You know, making an old standard “fresh” by throwing in something new and exotic… like lychee.

(“Hey mom, these fried pig ears sure are tasting special now that they’ve got lychee.”  Don’t laugh; Susie enjoyed fried pig ears in Hong Kong when the Chinese couple we shared a table with at a tiny restaurant in Wan Chai (of Susie Wong fame) invited her to try a bite when they notice her puzzled look at what the wife was eating.  She liked it so much she gave them the menu to show her where it was so she could order it.)

After looking at my statistics again, the lychee fervor shows no sign of letting up.  In the last three months, “lychee” has accounted for about 2,200 visits to this blog.  Compare that to my total visits….

So I decided to see what’s up with lychee myself.  I did a search for it on WordPress blogs.  I was shocked:  lychee is being used in all sorts of ways I would not imagine.  There’s lychee infused vodka / martini, lychee wine, lychee lassi, lychee cupcakes, lychee tea, lychee ice cream, lychee jelly. I think you get the picture.  Lychee is being used for just about everything.

Now when I was growing up, the only way I indulged in lychee was to eat it fresh when it was in season.  No ice cream, tea, jelly, etc.  Just fresh lychee.  And it is delicious!

Until I did a bit of research for this post, I’ve always assumed that lychee is strictly an “Asian thang” – that it is not available fresh in the United States.  I’ve never seen it fresh where I live.  But then I’m in Tallahassee (a/k/a Tallahicky), Florida.  I was surprised to learn that lychee is now grown in California and…Florida.  Those South Floridians must be keeping all that lychee for themselves…selfish bastards.   😉

It is available canned in our one Asian market.  But canned lychee is like canned pineapple or anything else canned…a poor substitute.  Maybe if it’s being used for cooking, fresh is not a concern, but I’d want it fresh.  On the other hand, if canned is the only way you can get it….

Moving on….

You may also recall from  my earlier post that the second big search term drawing folks to my blog was… “Guatemalan porn.”  That came from a parody post I wrote comparing a coffee catalog to porn and that Guatemalan Antigua is one of my favorite coffees.  And since I mentioned that term in that post more than once, I expected that it would continue to be a popular search term.

And I was right.  In the last three months, “Guatemalan porn” was the second most popular search term bringing readers to my blog with 82 entries.  Pretty paltry compared to lychee, but still easily #2.  And now that I’ve mentioned it twice in this post….

Peace, love and lychee!

(Got Guatemalan porn?)  😉


12 responses to “You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for…

  1. If I remember correctly, lychee is a type of fruit is it not? I would never want to taste it from a can if it is as good as you say it is.

  2. Yes Nick, it is a fruit. I may have to put out some feelers to my high school friends in South Florida and see if I can somehow get my hands on some fresh ones for you and FN the next time we get together.

  3. FN is totally into the idea of eating fresh lychee. Pig ears…not so much.
    I have to sort of close my eyes and click my heels together to eat any animal body parts. Back when I lived in Memphis there was the abolutely best place to get BBQ, and if you timed it just right (approximately 9:00 P.M), you would get there when they were about to close and were cooking up the pig skins. Not that stuff they sell in plastic bags. Real pig skins.
    At the time it never dawned on me to feel guilty.

    • FN, I never feel guilty about eating any animal parts I like. After all, “parts is parts”…!

      And we must divorce the “idea” of a part from the “taste” of that part. I wasn’t too keen on “sweetbread” but once I tried it..I liked it!

      I have had “pig skin” because lechon (roast pig) is coked skin on and that roasted skin is the best part!

  4. I was wondering if lychee was a fruit too, and got my answer in your comments. I’d love to try it.

  5. I could probably get some in Tampa, just haven’t taken the time to look. Lately life has just been crazy.

    But when I get a day for that I will look, or you could make it easy for me and find out where it can be purchased:)

  6. I stopped in Blountstown several times lately. There is a McDonalds on the corner of the street I once lived on………lol..the duplex is still there. Wonder if the wanted posters are still around.

    • I’ve stopped in that McD’s many times myself. Such as when we head to PC Beach.

      By the time we get to B’town (I-10 to SR 12 to SR 20), it is still breakfast since we cross into Central Time, so I can get whatever they have on special for breakfast and a senior coffee as a snack.

      Susie knows some of the seniors who hang out there at a table of “oldtimers” during the morning. Friends of her mother.

      BTW, there may be an “equestrian training facility” at the that SR 12 and I-10 exit, which has been annexed by the great city of Gretna. The facility will hold one race a year as “graduation.”

      That one race will have betting, which will qualify it as a parimutual. A parimutual can have a card room. Yee-ha! The Monticello card room is pathetic. Competition will be good….

  7. What! Now I am mad! You were as close as Blountstown and didn’t contact us? We (Steve and Susie and me and ee) could have gone out for a drink. I guess we will have to wait for football tailgaiting. I’ve been wanting some of that sangria anyway….

  8. “I’ve been wanting some of that sangria anyway….”

    Georgia Tech girl! Georgia Tech.

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