Southern Utah Photo Sampler

After a week and 1,300 miles in southern Utah, I ended up with about 350 photos.  It’ll probably take me until the end of September to select the best ones and organize them into a “cybertour” for my travel photo website.

So to tide enquiring minds over until then, as well as to whet your appetite for the full cybertour, I’ve prepared a sampler of 27 photos.

At the end of the sampler, there’s a link to the 1994 photos from the northern portion of the Grand Circle (southern Utah), which took us east of Capital Reef into Arches, Canyonlands, and the Four Corners area, including Mesa Verde.  (I removed the northen Arizona portion of that trip to create an “Arizona” cybertour which includes Phoenix, Tucson and vicinity.

View the sampler here.


7 responses to “Southern Utah Photo Sampler

  1. Wow! Amazing pictures of beautiful scenery. And Susie is SO cute!

  2. You took some great shots. Let us know when the tour is ready

  3. Susie is not only cute, but smart and sweet 🙂 Terri. These are amazing sights, but they intimidate me in a way. Hard to explain why. When I lived in Iowa, my sister visited and was intimidated by the “big sky”. Which I realize is Montana’s motto, but you get it in Iowa too. Except for Des Moines, it is big flat country which seems to go on forever. I loved it…it made me feel free and boundless. My sister said it made her feel small and scared. It’s very strange that landscape can evoke emotion.

  4. But in Utah, mountains get in the way!

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