Whatever happened to… / What’s With…?

Whatever happened to… “Baby On Board” signs hanging in vehicles?  I know folks are still having babies but I’ve not seen any signs and they were once all the rage.  Maybe folks finally figured out that other drivers aren’t going to change their habits because there’s a baby in the vehicle.  Quite presumptuous of them to hang those signs, don’t you think? But, I do miss them. When I saw that sign, I tried to get as far away as possible from that vehicle because for all I knew the driver was probably distracted by that baby and so they were the menace on the road, not me.

Similarly, what’s with…. bumper stickers? Does anyone think I’m going to come around to agreeing with a slogan because I see a bumper sticker?  Has anyone actually become a vegan or stopped wearing fur because they saw the bumper sticker?  All the bumper sticker folks are doing is advertising themselves in a way that may result in some anarchist type  opposed to their view vandalizing their vehicle.

Whatever happened to… the “small” option in fast food restaurants?  Until recently, “medium” was as small as you could get.  Now that restaurants are trying to get folks into their premises with special “dollar” menus, it seems “small” has returned to the menu.  (But from a “value” standpoint, it’s almost always much more cost efficient to go to “super jumbo” and split the drink rather than buy two drinks, if there are two of you.)

What’s with…call center reps in India answering with “American” names?  I was surprised to be answered by “Betsey Johnson” who nonetheless had a heavy Indian accent.  I was very tempted to give my name as Dinesh Biriyani but thought better of it.  I wondered where she came up with her name until I was in the mall and saw a fragrance called “Betsey Johnson.”

Whatever happened to… free air at gas stations?  Seems everyone wants about 50 cents for some air.  I managed to find one station that still has free air, so I try to patronize it just on principle.

What’s with…. those “Welcome to…!” shouts when you enter some restaurants?  At first it was limited to Moe’s but now at least one other restaurant in my town does the same thing.  Fact is, I’d rather slip into a restaurant without a lot of fanfare.

Whatever happened to… cheap chicken wings?  Those wings often were tossed until chicken wings were “invented” by someone’s mom at a restaurant she owned as an impromptu meal for some friends her son brought around late one night.  Since then, chicken wing prices are reaching a height that should prompt a federal investigation.  Even “happy hour” prices are around 50 cents per wing and “regular” prices are above that. For a chicken wing!  Outrageous!  I can get a 10-ounce prime rib dinner in Vegas for about $8 but that same amount will barely get me 10 wings. What’s wrong with that picture?

What’s with… folks who drive up and down the mall parking lot searching for the closest parking space to an entrance even when the weather is good?  As if walking from a space further out will kill them?  I suspect many of these drivers need to walk.  I park under the shade of some trees at both work and the mall,  enjoying a 200 yard stroll each way and a cooler vehicle when I return.


6 responses to “Whatever happened to… / What’s With…?

  1. Omg…Anarchist, this post is so very on point. Restuarants: What about the ones that sing Happy Birthday to you? If anybody ever takes me to eat at such a restuarant on my birthday, I will strangle them with my bare hands.
    Bumper stickers: I’m not totally opposed to them, and I enjoy other people’s at times. These days bumper stickers are magnetic, and can be removed. Unless you are me, and the body of your car is fiberglass. If I can’t remove it, I don’t do it. My all-time favorite bumper sticker has to be “Muggles Unite!”
    Chicken wings: Don’t think about the price, think about how many chickens they had to kill for your order.
    Parking spaces: I’m something of an expert on that subject lol. But I’m always reminded of my friend Lebron’s take on it: the closest parking space is the first empty one you come to. Like you, he is very into frugality, and his point is that you waste more time and gas looking for a “closer” space. Of course this is also the guy who informed me, while driving down a major street in Tampa, that I needed to go EXACTLY 35 mph, no more, no less, in order to avoid the red lights. Which he knew, because he had timed it. I sort of call that going beyond practical into obsession 🙂

    • If I get a “freebie”, they can sing Happy Birthday to me all they want! 😉

      Magnetic bumper stickers? Some anarchist will “liberate” it….! (What’s a Muggle?)

      And I too like to time my driving speed to red lights…

  2. Wow! You are a grumpy old man this week! LOL . Was it the cost of the wings or Betsey Johnson?

  3. I hate bumper stickers. They distract me from driving and just irritate me because someone really does think I’ll join their cause just because of a bumper sticker.

    I was just wondering this week, whatever happened to the bank giving out suckers to your kids? Do any of them do that anymore? When I was a kid, I looked forward to getting my sucker through the drive through tube.

    • Wow…you still go into a bank? 😉 I’ve not been in one for who knows how long….

      Now my barbershop (not a salon, but a barbershop) still does give kids a sucker.

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