Looking For Porn In All The Wrong Places

That’s what some folks are looking for when they visit this blog, according to my “stats” report.

And just how is it that porn fans are ending up on this blog?  It‘s my fault!

In February, I wrote a post titled “My Wife Caught Me with Porn.”  Even though it was about a coffee catalog, because “porn” is in the title the Internet search engines apparently gave that additional weight when indexing the post.  So when someone does a search for “porn” that post is one of the results.

But most folks aren’t just searching for plain vanilla porn.  No, they’re searching for specialized porn.  And again, the search engines directed them to that coffee post because of certain words.  Since the title included “wife” and “caught” anyone looking for that sort of porn was directed to the post.  You’d be surprised at the interest in “caught my wife” porn.  Seems there’s an element out there that gets excited about catching their wife with….presumably, another man.  Or maybe with one those mechanical “rabbits” my friend Nick and/or FloridaCat posted about…  😉

I mentioned some favorite coffees in that post.  One of them is Guatemalan. And sure enough, there’s interest in “Guatemalan porn.”  Now my curiosity is piqued about what’s so special about Guatemalan porn that folks are seeking it out.

Now you know what’s going to happen, right? Because of this post, my blog is again going to be a destination for porn fans.  Porn is in the title of the post.  Including this sentence, I’ve mentioned “Guatemalan porn” three times and so the Internet search engines will conclude from word analysis that this post is big on that.  Same with “caught my wife”….

Interestingly, porn is not the top search term that brings readers here.  No, a post about Philippine food is.  In that post, I mentioned “lychee.”  Well, it must be the hottest food item searched for.  Each day, I receive double digit hits on my blog from that search term.  I did a Google search myself but this blog was not one of the top results.

However, there is an image of lychee  on the post and I use the name as the image title.  When I use a Google “image” search for “lychee”… my post is the second result!  (Try it and see for yourself.)

Since March (search term info only goes back 60 days), “lychee” has typically brought about 15 visitors daily to my blog.  The single day record was 47 earlier this month.  So lots of folks want to see what lychee looks like.  But if they want to see what it looks like, they have somehow learned about lychee.  Where is what I’m wondering about.

Now I don’t really care what brings readers here.  Even if they’re looking for porn, they may check out other posts and decide to become regular readers.

So if you’ve got a blog and want to increase visitors, try to find a way to include “I caught my wife looking at Guatemalan porn while eating lychee” in a post and await the avalanche of visitors!  😉

I’ll be watching to see what this post brings…lol!


6 responses to “Looking For Porn In All The Wrong Places

  1. This was hysterical, especially the repetition which will increase your chances of being listed on Google. Guatemalan porn. Who knew?

  2. Well that industry does seem to be recession proof if you really think about it. I also find it funny so I will try to add those words to my web site to see if I can get some more hits.

  3. There’s porn in Guatemala? I had forgotten there was a country by that name until you blogged about it. See you later, Goggle is caling me.

  4. I meant Google, not swimming goggles.

  5. Well, that is how I discovered your wonderful blog. I was searching for porn and decided I liked what I found here, even though it wasn’t porn.

    Ok, ok… no that’s not really true.

    For quite a long while, I had lots of hits for “tramp stamp.”

    • “Tramp stamp”? I’m going to have to Google that since I’ve no idea what it is. (A stamp with a tramp on it?) I am soooo innocent…lol!

      Oh…a lower back tattoo on women…

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