Don’t Let the (’60s and ’70s) Music Stop!

The decade from 1965 through 1974 was easily the most tumultuous of my life and I suspect it was the same for many in my generation.  In 1965, I was in 7th grade and at 13 I thought I knew it all.  In 1974, I graduated college and knew I knew it all! Today, I can’t remember what I know…or if I ever knew it!

But I do know this: the music of that decade is firmly embedded in my psyche.  When I was struggling to remember something in a homework assignment, I had little trouble remembering the music. All I needed to hear was  few bars and I could “name that tune.”  I’m sure all of you associate particular songs with particular moments.

The Summer of Love was in 1967, so any “tribute” to it should have been last year.  But…I wasn’t blogging last year.  And, more importantly, I see the year between the Summer of Love and the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago as the “high water” for that era. (Arguably, the high water can go all the way to Woodstock.)  So a tribute now, a few weeks after a Democratic convention, which made its own history in a way which many of my generation wished the 1968 convention could have, is not inappropriate.

Here’s my personal compilation of music videos that helped shake up my musical world just as my generation was shaking up the political / cultural world!


Little Richard – Lucille

Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode

Jerry Lee Lewis – Whole Lotta Shakin’

Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue (The intro is so “square“… lol!)

Chubby Checker – Twist Again

Ronettes – Be My Baby
(The Supremes established supremacy <g>,  but I’ve always enjoyed the Ronettes more.)

Crystals –  Da Doo Ron Ron
(More of Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” from the Ronettes’ sister group.)

Pre-British Invasion and/or Americans

Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA

? and the Mysterians – 96 Tears (1966 Billboard  #5)

Byrds – Mr. Tambourine Man

Kingsmen – Louie Louie

Sonny & Cher – I Got You Babe

Monkees – I’m A Believer

Roy Orbison –  Pretty Woman

Sam the Sham & Pharaohs – Wooly Bully (1965 Billboard #1)

Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction

Shadows of Knight – Gloria (1967 Billboard #5)

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (Monterey 1967)

Doors -Break On Through
(The album with this song was the most played in my car’s 8-track!)

McCoys – Hang on Sloopy

Martha & Vandellas – Dancing in the Street

Norman Greenbaum  Spirit in Sky

America –  Sister Golden Hair

Carole King – Natural Woman

Carole King – I Feel the Earth Move
( “Tapestry” album is indelibly associated with my first college girlfriend, Stephanie, my namesake)

Simon & Garfunkle – Sound of Silence

5th Dimension –  Aquarius (1969 Billboard #1)

Mammas & Pappas – California Dreamin’

Creedence – Travelin’ Band

Supremes – Stop in the Name of Love

Temptations – Get Ready

Smokey Robinson & Miracles – Tears of a Clown

Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watch Tower

Ritchie Havens – Freedom (Woodstock – what a performance!))

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (concert footage)

Jackson 5 – ABC

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez – Blowing’ in the Wind

Joan Baez – It Ain’t Me Babe

Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers
(My favorite band for getting pumped up before an anti-war march.)

British Invasion

Beatles – Seventeen (Ed Sullivan)

Stones – Under My Thumb
(Jagger working his magic…check out that “stoned”!)

Animals – House of Rising Sun

Bee Gees – Massachusetts (pre-disco)

Dave Clark 5 – Various  Hits (Saw them in Manila!)

Herman’s Hermits -Into Something Good (Saw them in Manila!)

Kinks – Tired of Waiting (One of my favorite bands!)

Zombies – She’s Not There

Who – My Generation

Troggs – Wild Thing

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

Peter & Gordon – World Without Love (One of my favorite vocalists!)

Petula Clark – Downtown (1965 Billboard  #6)

Joe Cocker – The Letter
(Saw him at the Hard Rock in Vegas a few years back and he’s still great!)

Elton John – Tiny Dancer

David Bowie – Space Oddity

Shocking Blue –  Venus (This is a Dutch group.)

Hollies – Bus Stop

Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon

Cat Stevens – Morning Has Broken

Compilations (short excerpts slideshow)

Golden Oldies 1965 and 1966

Golden Oldies 1967

Beyond Rock:

One weekend in 1973 (?), I went to a movie on campus that didn’t sound too interesting but it was free and I was pretty bored, so… I ending up staying to see the second showing too just because of the music! The movie? The Harder They Come, which introduced me to Jimmy Cliff and various forms of Jamaican music (reggae, ska, etc.)

Jimmy Cliff – The  Harder They Come

Toots & Maytals – Sweet and Dandy (from The Harder They Come)

I’ll end with an upbeat song….!

Third World – Now That We Found Love

(Next week: thinking about 7th grade reminded that I took the “new math” that year.  I think we need a “new civics.”  Visit me next Sunday for the course!)

Note: The Anarchist Archive, selected posts from when i blogged elsewhere, is now open.


19 responses to “Don’t Let the (’60s and ’70s) Music Stop!

  1. Thanks so much for this blog Anarchist! You took me back to a better place and time! Some of these groups I have not thought about in years. Too bad you didn’t have any Marvin Gaye.

  2. Nick, that was an oversight..which I’ve corrected!
    I’ve put in a Marvin Gaye towards the end of the
    “Americans” section, below Ritchie Havens.

  3. Also added the Jackson 5’s “ABC” below Marvin gaye. Found a nice concert footage of them.

  4. Cool Blog:) Have you discovered MP3, IPODS, music bridge to sound systems? I subscribe to an almost endless library of music that can be loaded and stored to play on anything that plays. I have downloaded 11,000 tracks todate and change my weekly IPOD storage card at will for bike rides and car trips. Sound is much better than the originals too. 8 tracks……lol I had them too.

    I remember thinking that cassett tapes were the greatest addition to music ever. Then we had CD’s. Well with the advent of MP3 CD’s are history, like vinyl.

    Oh you can now transfer your vinyl to MP3 too.

  5. I forgot to check out your blog yesterday and so didn’t see it until this morning. So all I have to say is, thanks a lot. “Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the end…” Because of you I haven’t been able to get Sister Golden Hair out of my brain all flipping day! But what a great blog; one I can come back to again and again. What a wonderful amount of work you put into this! Thanks!

  6. Well PT…when it comes to music listening, I’m somewhat of a “conservative”…lol! I prefer good old fashioned stereos, even if it is just a boombox I’ve attached to some Radio Shack “bookcase” speakers.

    I have conceded just a bit to MP3 for long flights out west but otherssie I’m not a fan of headphones. Possibly part of the “problem” I have is that I used to listen to music with a big honker system – 15o real watts( RMS) per channel amp on Bose 901 speakers that produce the “wall of sound” from 8 rear-facing speakers and 1 front speaker per “box.” Bought those speakers in 75 and still have them!

    After I retire, I ‘ve toyed with the idea of transferring select vinyl music to MP3 and CD.
    I have a huge collection of Baroque music from when I belonged to Musical Heritage Society. Great European recordings. I collected a lot of harpsichord, recorder and trumpet music that’s not easy to find on CD and I hate having to pay twice!

    What I’d really like is some sort of LED turntable that can read vinyl and then translate
    to music while also taking out the “clicks” etc based on “foreign pattern” recognition.

    And Nick, when you’re having to struggle with the more obtuse ramblings of Kant or similar philosophers, there’s nothing like some classical music and maybe some cognac to discern the insights of those tomes! Even if classical music is!

  7. Fakename..that sure is a very nice version of Sister Golden Hair. My favorite song by America!

    I’ll be using this blog to check these videos out regularly myself! (I beleive I can burn them to CD too.)

    Listening is one thing, but watching has an added dimension, especially with the “old” videos. I felt especially nostalgic watching the concert videos with all those screaming fans!

  8. I have a little story about America. My ex-husband wrote their song “Tin Man” when he was a young staff writer for an obscure record company in Memphis. The record company was sold to a bigger one (Atlantic, maybe?) When America came out with his song, he was stunned. So he sued them and the record company. On the credits to the song, it says America wrote it. He lost. Because when the little record company was sold, the new one got all the rights to everything. He even went to the band and said, Hey guys, you know this is wrong, even if it’s legally right. And they said tough shit, that’s the breaks. So I don’t like them much. But I really like Sister Golden Hair 🙂

  9. More Memphis trivia. Sam the Sham, et al, were from Memphis. And The Letter, which you show the Joe Cocker performance of was first released in 1967 by a group called the Box Tops, from Memphis. Their lead singer, Alex Chilton, could be seen for years to come singing that song and unfortunately others, at open mike type of stuff in bars, absolutely fried out of his mind on drugs and alcohol. If you walked into a bar and Alex was there, you knew it was time to move on.

  10. Well I finally succomed to a home theater system after years of self denial. Now I don’t want to move from it. I really went in to buy a big plasma screen but the salesman knew he had a live one and sold me the entire system. So I can download MP3 and play it with the aid of my music bridge on the system. Also can play it pool side. I enjoy all kinds of music too, well almost all kinds. Your speakers are more powerful than mine but I don’t know what I would do with them as my wife already thinks I play music too loud. I only use headphone when I am mobile. Otherwise I don’t like them on my ears.

  11. Nice blog and great list of music/musicians, Anarchist… but no Buffalo Springfield? Ah well, to each their own. FWIW (heh, Springfield reference), Mp3 is a “lossy” format. As a compression algorithm it distorts the sound of the music… it’s fine for those unaccustomed to true “hi-fidelity” but an audiophile will often cringe at it’s sound. Peace.

  12. Fakename…that’s terrible about your ex-husband getting ripped off like that. It happens regularly, especially in the movies. I’m not a lawyer, but if that small company didn’t own the rights to begin with, they couldn’t have sold it to the big one.

    And I know the Box Tops had the big hit with The Letter, but I had a hard time finding anything decent for Joe Cocker, so I used that.

    But I didn’t know Sam the Sham was from Memphis!

  13. Well, PT…looks like you’re living the Vida Loca! I think in Costa Rica it’s Tico Rico. (Tico being the term for locals and Rico is rich.”)

    While I have some heavy duty stereo equipment, I’ve not turned it on in many many years. I just let it sit in the living room as “decoration.” Maybe when I retire and have time to just lounge in the living room watching poker on TV, I can crank up the music while my wife mows the! That was the deal when we bought the house. I told her I’m not an “outdoor” manual laborer type. She likes it! What good luck for me!

  14. Loveandonlylove…I knew I’d miss some groups due to my flagging memory. I couldn’t remember anything by them but when I searched them at YouTube I realized that “For What It’s Worth” is by them and I didn’t know that! So I’m going to add it to the list..after Shadows of Knight. Thanks!

  15. Um…”Stop, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down…” didn’t we just talk about this recently 🙂
    The little company did own the rights, and “owned” his work because he was an employee. He learned from that; continued to write songs but before he ever played them in front of anyone they were copywritten in his name.
    The thing I hated was America taking credit for the song just because they could. For him, it wasn’t about the money, it was about the recognition. There are really good musicians out there trying to give credit to where it’s due, at least where the blues is concerned. But America isn’t in that league.

  16. It didn’t sink in that he since he was an a employee, he didn’t own the rights. But I agre they should have given him writing credit, even if no royalties..

  17. Power to the people Flower power that is. The 60’s had the right idea. We need another 60’s today.

  18. Hi Anarchist! Looks like we all followed you from the Tallahassee Demagogue! It’s great to see you, and I love your blog! This one is a classic.

  19. Hi Floridacat….thanks for visiting. If you decide to start blogging here, let me know so I can link to you!

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