Do You Or Don’t You?

I came across the graphic below of “50 things we don’t do anymore because of technological advances.”  And while much of it is true for me, there are still a dozen I do.

For example, I still use maps.  I don’t have GPS. And, even if I did, we’ve all heard stories about how they’ve misguided some folks in some situations.

And, I still do go to my bank to conduct some business. Since I’m retired, I just walk in and rarely have to wait. Plus, there’s free coffee.

And I do still make photo albums of my vacations. There’s something about looking at photos in an album that I feel is more enjoyable than seeing them on a computer monitor. Of course, I’m still working on completing the album for our 2006 trip to Spain…. ;)  And I also put those photos on my travel website.

I still pay most bills by paper check. I don’t use automatic pay for credit cards in case I need to challenge a charge. Nor am I comfortable with a business having my checking account information in their database, waiting to be hacked.

I also hang clothes out to dry. It reduces shrinking, save electricity, and they smell fresher too.

And while I don’t buy many shoes any more, I usually bought them in a store so I could try them on for proper fit. I’ve found that the size I wear depends on how the shoes are designed.

I’m sure each of you still do some of these fifty things.